Monday, 6 December 2010

Lighting 2 Course with Melen Courses

The other weekend I went on a lighting course at the Yellow Melen studio in Hertfordshire.
The aim of the day was to do a product setup and shoot, then try to and recreate a lighting shoot of certain pictures that Phil had handed out to us.

So the product where first.

 These products where both difficult to shoot as they both had silver in the product that reflected a lot and needed abit of tinkering around until the lighting was correct.

The setup

We where asked by Phil to bring in a product from home to shoot that day to.
I brought along some brand spanking new golf shoes, that debbie's (girlfriend) dad was supposed to have them that day! Nevermind...
The task was to theme our products for a shoot.

The Theme for the golf shoe was 


So the props that where the most obvious where the bricks stack up outside the studio.
Seeing them gave me the idea of naming it "Built to Last". I lit this with my 580 flash which had attached to it a reflector and honeycomb insert. so that I could concentrate the flash light straight on to the shoes.

We then come to our new model Nina, who did a great job modeling for us.

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